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Time Bank

In February 2009, the TVSD Board of Directors authorized the launch of a pilot Member Volunteer Program (Time Bank-Service Exchange) whose Mission is to encourage TVSD member volunteerism and create an environment where the individual member, TVSD, and the Tierrasanta community benefits.

Candy WalshThe purpose of the Member Volunteer Program/Time Bank was to:

1.  Provide the Village a tool to help manage
     member volunteer services;
2.  Encourage members to help fellow members
     which would help to keep member
     fees/costs lower;
3.  Build TVSD community;
4.  Develop trust among members;
5.  Create loyalty to the Village purpose; and
6.  Provide a means to assist the Village in
     accomplishing its goals.
In 2010, the Co-Director of VtV, Candace Baldwin, announced that while Beacon Hill Village is the Pioneer of the Village Model, TVSD pioneered adding a Time Bank to the Village Model.

Service Banking/Time Dollars
Time Banking refers to a pattern of reciprocal service exchanges which uses Units of Time as time dollars. There is no currency value to members' time, i.e. an hour is always considered an hour, regardless of what the exchange may be. There is no way of knowing if the help you receive or give is worth more than the hour's time given. TVSD Members come to rely on each other for day to day non-professional services. By sharing skills among a large network of people, community is created and the tasks of daily living are accomplished.
When a volunteer member performs a task, he/she (1) earns credit hours that may be banked for his/her use at a later date, (2) donates to another person, (3) donates to the Village, or (4) donates to the Donation Fund (for members in need). This banking program is a means of tracking our member's time when we exchange different skills among ourselves. These reciprocal exchanges are logged on a member's account as time dollars, and are recorded using the Time Banking program.
Aside from the community building aspect of members exchanging services, it is also expected that member fees/costs can be kept lower.
Membership in the Village includes the opportunity to open a Time Bank account. Activation of this account occurs when the member attends an orientation to Time Bank protocol and then participates in a personalized training in the computer use of the program. At this time, the new member submits three offers for service and three requests for service. If a member is not computer literate, there is a Time Bank Buddy assigned to help them with online service exchanges.
Currently, more than half of the membership participates in the Time Bank, exchanging requests and offers with one another for Time Dollars. After attending Time Bank Orientation, the member receives two time dollars for TVSD membership, one time dollar for attending Orientation, and one time dollar for submitting three offers and three requests. More dollars are earned as members exchange services with each other. The member also earns two time dollars at each membership renewal period.
The Village maintains an account to pay lead volunteers of particular activities. There is also a Donations Fund Account overseen by the Executive Director to help members in need who may not have enough time dollars to ‘purchase' the level of services they need. (For example, a member needing a greater number of rides to medical appointments.) Members can donate time dollars to the Village account and the Village sponsors activities, like a spaghetti dinner, to generate time dollars for its account.
The following is an excerpt from an article by Arleen Hitchcock from the April 2012 Village Vibes:

The biggest motivation is that the Time Bank gets us past the milestones in our lives. For example, some of us retired without having roots in our home turf. When JoAnne came to set me up for the TB, she noticed my sewing machine, and so I crossed my fingers and agreed to offer alterations to members. She and others brought pants and tee shirts for me to hem. And then Susan D. brought me a quilting project, and that was the challenge that transitioned my retirement working at home. Helping others is a "win-win" situation…The TB is the heart and soul of the Village, our meaningful interaction with each other, one-on-one. If you don't do it for yourself, do it for your peers…Who knows? The more resources we develop, the more we have to draw on. Learning now is insurance for ten or twenty years down the road.
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