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The TVSD Time Bank gives Villagers a special way of sharing their expertise!

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                              Time Bank/Member Volunteer Program



To encourage member volunteerism to create an environment where the individual

member, TVSD, and the Tierrasanta community benefit.


The Time Bank is one way that our Village can accomplish its mission to provide a support network through:


1.  Providing a tool to help manage member volunteer services

2.  Encouraging members to help fellow members

3.  Building a sense of community

4.  Developing trust among members

5.  Creating loyalty to the Village purpose.



In 2010, the Co-Director of the Village to Village Network, Candace Baldwin, recognized that while Beacon Hill Village is the Pioneer of the Village Model, TVSD pioneered adding a Time Bank to the Village Model.



Time Banking Program

  1. An hour of service equals one “time credit.”
  2. A member can advertise the services he/she wants and/or needs and the services offered.
  3. The Time Bank Program tracks the time credits earned or spent.
  4. A Donation Fund (managed by the Board of Directors) allows members to donate Time Credits to be used for members in need.
  5. A Time Bank Buddy can be assigned to assist a member with navigating the use of the Time Bank.


Activating a Time Bank Account

  1. Attendance at Time Bank Orientation earns one Time Credit.
  2. TVSD Membership and opening a Time Bank Account earns two Time Credits.3. Once a member has posted, and 
  3. service requests, service offers (i.e. rides to the airport, handyman services, baking services, prescription pickup, grocery pickup, craft lessons), three Time Credits are earned.

The following is an excerpt from an article by TVSD Member Arleen Hitchcock from the April 2012 Village Vibes:


“The biggest motivation is that the Time Bank gets us past the milestones in our lives. For example, some of us retired without having roots in our home turf. When JoAnne came to set me up for the Time Bank, she noticed my sewing machine, and so I crossed my fingers and agreed to offer alterations to members. She and others brought pants and tee shirts for me to hem. And then Susan D. brought me a quilting project, and that was the challenge that transitioned my retirement working at home. Helping others is a "win-win" situation…The Time Bank is the heart and soul of the Village, our meaningful interaction with each other, one-on-one. If you don't do it for yourself, do it for your peers.



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