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We have a strong history of helping members age in place!

Mission Trails Hike with a group of seniors
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Living for Today, Planning for Tomorrow 

The Tierrasanta Village of San Diego (TVSD) is a self-governing, grassroots membership organization developed by and for adults ages 50 years and older. TVSD is a thriving model of the newest trend in a global community of villages. A village enables people to age in place with neighbors helping neighbors in a caring community setting. With one stop referrals, transportation, social opportunities and health care oversight our Village can ensure our older adults can maintain safe, independent lifestyles in their beloved homes. TVSD is already recognized as an innovative leader in the village movement. TVSD formed in 2008 and has been a 501(c)(3) organization since December 2010.
Mission Statement 

To enable Tierrasanta Resident Members, age 50 and older, to have the practical means and the confidence to be able to live their lives to the fullest in their own homes as they grow older.
Vision Statement 

Tierrasanta Village of San Diego will be a vital force in transforming life on the hill for our residents aged 50 and older. Village programs of social activities, daily physical exercise, health education (physical, mental and memory), Village scholar classes, writing seminars, cultural and travel activities will allow Tierrasantans to thrive as they grow into their older years. Our Time Bank allows members to continue offering their talents and serve the community throughout their lives. In exchange for this they receive free services outside their comfort/skill level and build camaraderie.

Our offerings of health care oversight and concierge services (transportation, handyman and shopping to name a few) will allow members to age in place surrounded by neighbors in the homes and community they love. TVSD will be predominantly volunteer run with a small full time staff to ensure consistency and quality of services. We will build sustainability through membership dues, donor drives, events, legacy donations and sponsorships.
Our members will develop a sense of belonging and investment in the organization and its future. We will continue to branch out with intergenerational roots so that we become a formidable structure of support for the community. We will serve as a role model for other Villages and Time Banks and be an entity that builds and thrives for generations.
Triad of Services 
The Tierrasanta Village of San Diego began by using a three-phased approach to build its four service categories: core services, concierge services, community building and health/wellness. Founded in 2008 TVSD was a powerhouse of energetic people who continuously work to build membership and services with an eye on sustainability by the end of 2014.
Triangular logo with two tree branches arching to the left and right.
PHASE 1: Multiple social and educational opportunities and access to Member Volunteer Program (Time-Bank)
PHASE 2: Full-menu concierge services, weekly transportation to grocery store and daily exercise classes 
PHASE 3: Quality in-home health care oversight, health/wellness classes and Health Clinic 
Phase 1 focused on growing membership through social connectedness and interaction, i.e. a monthly event and a member referred service provider listing. We now have a full program of social events, daily exercise programs, cultural events, travel, seminars and classes. Phase 2 began a program of vetting service providers (health care and other) to ensure members receive excellent services that are discounted compared to the open market. Phase 2 included access to transportation and some volunteer service. We added a core of volunteer workers to offer a full range of concierge services from routine calls for assistance (i.e., help in arranging a repairman’s visit) all the way to health-care related referrals. In Phase 3 staff will become more involved with health care providers and families, up to and including referral to quality in-home health care and oversight of that care. With a reliable, ethical and experienced working board of directors and staff, TVSD became fully operational in 2014.
Although Tierrasanta is only 20 minutes from downtown San Diego, it is situated like an island, not directly bordered by another community. It is encircled by Freeways 52 and 15, MCAS Miramar, the 5,800 acre Mission Trails Regional Park, and steep canyons overlooking the San Diego River and Mission Valley. 
Twenty-seven percent of older people in San Diego County live in communities where more than 25% of the residents are over the age of 50. These communities are known as Naturally Occurring Retirement Communities (NORCs). Tierrasanta is considered a NORC and with supportive services, NORCs can become self-sustaining supportive retirement communities. 
Tierrasanta is a community of 31,989 (SANDAG 2010) that has 7,759 older adults over the age of 50. Tierrasanta has an ethnic makeup that is comprised of 69% white; 6% black, 10% Asian; and 16% Hispanic. 
Tierrasanta, Spanish for "holy land," is a community within the city of San Diego, California. The community is referred to as "The Island in the Hills" by locals and on welcome signs. Tierrasanta (ZIP code 92124) was originally part of the Mission San Diego de Alcalá ranch, which was active during the late 18th and 19th centuries. The U.S. military purchased the land in 1941 as Camp Elliott, a Marine Corps training facility. The Marines moved out in 1944 and the land was transferred to the Navy. It was deactivated in 1946. In 1961, the U.S. Government sold the area that is now Tierrasanta and a portion of neighboring Mission Trails Regional Park to the City of San Diego. In the following year, the Elliott Community Plan was issued to serve as a roadmap for development going forward, and in 1971 Tierrasanta was founded.
Tierrasanta Village Co-Founders, Susan Deininger and Candy Walsh, independently read the December 2005 “AARP Bulletin” article about the Beacon Hill Village model and were so inspired such that they began talking to fellow residents about the prospect of developing a Village in Tierrasanta. A mutual friend brought Susan and Candy together and they began collaborating in March 2006. They attended a Beacon Hill conference in 2007 and in September 2008, Tierrasanta Village of San Diego was launched with 27 members. TVSD began operating three years ago under the Tierrasanta Foundation of San Diego; in 2010 it was awarded 501c(3) tax exempt status. In February 2009, the Board of Directors authorized a pilot Member Volunteer/Time Bank whose mission is to encourage TVSD member volunteerism and create an environment where the individual member, TVSD, and the Tierrasanta community benefits. TVSD membership has grown steadily since our inception and projected growth may be to 300 members. With normal attrition, a slight decline ended the 2013 year.  See Membership Growth Chart below.
Sept 2008
Sept 2009
Mar 2010
Feb 2011
Jun 2011
Oct 2011
Jan 2012
Mar 2012
Jun 2012
Sept 2012
Dec 2012
May 2013
 Dec 2013  Mar 2014  July 2014      
155  168 173

Now our major outreach is to serve the Tierrasanta community through volunteer opportunities and hosting health and wellness activities. One of 140 Villages in 39 states and three countries with another 100 Villages in development, TVSD was part of a special research study on the types of Village models. 



Two Tierrasanta Women Read AARP Article
CoFounders Attend Beacon Hill Conference
TVSD Pioneer Time Bank Begins
Members Total 120
Members Total 181
TVSD Projects Phase Completion
Friends Being Women Together to Collaborate
TVSD Survey & Focus Groups with SDSU
Member Total 86
TVSD Joins Village to Village Network
TVSD Plans Completion of Phase 2 & 3
TVSD Works on Sustainability Model
TVSD Launches with 27 Members under Tierrasanta Foundation
TVSD Incorporates as 501(c)3
TVSD Staff Hired
Volunteer Program Launches
TVSD Increases Presence in Community
TVSD Part of 9 Village UCB Study in California Archstone
Time Bank is Innovated
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