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   Tierrasanta  Village
    of San Diego!
 Join Older Adults in Tierrasanta for Activities, Events and Comradery!


We have a strong history of helping members age in place!

(858) 569-9119


“We all seek a cause beyond ourselves. There is a transcendent desire to see and help other beings achieve their potential.”

From Being Mortal by A. Gawandi

TVSD is built on the energy of our community and the people who make things happen. The Village thrives because our volunteers and staff respond to our members’ interests and needs. With a full calendar of events and a determination to help every member, every day, we make sure needs are met. There are many ways that you can volunteer and make a difference to someone who needs you.  Volunteering fulfills our members’  commitment to help others, to stay connected, and to maintain and grow our Village. 

TVSD is sustained as an all volunteer organization through the dedicated leadership of our Core Teams.  Each team of volunteers, working together, delivers the synergetic energy that defines our organization as a Village. Our volunteers participate in one or more of the teams listed below. Explore our volunteer opportunities to find out how you can get involved.

 Administration
 Care, Exercise & Wellness
 Communications
 Fund Development
 Information Technology
 Membership
 Neighborhood Groups
 Social
 Volunteer

If you have questions please call: 858-569-9119