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Living Healthy


     Topic       Description Additional Information
 Hearing Loss Are you the one saying "what" lately? youtube: Embracing Change Presents: Hearing Loss and its Effects by Meg Wallhagen
11 Tips for Aging Well Health in Aging Foundation: Good Health in Later Life  For Women: 11 Tips for Good Health in Later Life  
Aches and Pains  Villagers sharing what works and doesn't work with pain control  Peer to Peer: Aches and Pains 
Arthritis, the Whole Story  Villagers share solutions to deal with arthritis  Arthritis, The Whole Story 
Summary of articles from Family Caregivers Alliance & Mayo Clinic Caregiving 
Care Options Need some help at home? Links to Care Options 
Dementia & End of Life Decisions
Make decisions about end of life before the end come creeping up/Fill in the POLST    End of Life 
Digital Estate Planning
Do your homework so, those who handle your business after you pass, can do what you want to settle your estate...  Digital Estate Planning  
Are You Safe to Drive?  In doubt...criteria to consider when driving...  Driving For Seniors 
It's all about Food What and where to find something to eat It's All About Food  
Healthcare Information   Here are some links to give you help... Critical Healthcare Contact Info
Healthy Recipes  Kim Chartrand's Sheet Pan Recipes
Healthy Recipes  
Medical Equipment 
Need a walker or some other kind of medical equipment; we can lend it to you  Medical Supplies For Loan  
Medicare Changes 2019
Find out about the changes in Medicare  Medicare Changes 
Phone Scams    Phone Scams 
Need a Ride?  Gave up your license and need a ride?   
TVSD Transportation Options    
Avoiding Senior Scams  District Attorney warns us about scams   Avoiding Senior Scams  
Traveling as a Senior From our peers, things to consider when planning to travel... Peer to Peer: Senior Travel 
How to Get Rid of Our Treasures Overwhelmed with all your stuff; here's some resources to help declutter your place...  What to do with Our Treasures