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New Ways to Steal $:  Coronavirus
The Coronavirus is another opportunity for scammers to steal your money and identity

SSA Scams Reported by FBI
A Helpful chart showing the magnitude of the problem and offering useful suggestions.

Social Security Scams
Scammers are pretending to be government employees. Scammers will try to scare you and trick you into giving them your personal information and money. They may threaten you or your family and may demand immediate payment to avoid arrest or other legal action.

Scam phone calls from IRS and SSA
According to Rep. Scott Peters, recently, San Diegans have been the target of scammers impersonating the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) and the Social Security Administration (SSA).

Starting Oct. 1, 2020, every traveler needs a Real ID-compliant license, or another acceptable form of ID for domestic air travel.

Apple Computer
Questionable Support Call from Apple Advisors?

Best Buy Scam
Questionable calls from Best Buy Corp?